• Arrive at your appointment make-up free

  • Alcohol-free, 24 hours prior

  • Caffeine free, day of appointment

  • Yes to waxing brows 3 days prior to appointment

  • Avoid water, skin care products & make-up for minimum of 10 days after appointment

  • Avoid picking, peeling & scratching

  • Avoid tanning, direct sunlight, swimming, increased sweating & exercising for up to 10 days after appointment

  • Apply post-care cream (client specific) with cotton swab

  • After healing, apply SPF 30-50 before sun exposure to prevent fading

  • Avoid unnecessary exertion after appointment

  • Drink plenty of water for hydration

  • Keep your pillowcase clean

  • Drink plenty of water for hydration

  • Your hair may be messy, damp or slightly oily after a facial

  • Avoid using cosmetics immediately after your facial and washing or scrubbing your skin, wait 24 hours

  • Avoid direct sunlight

  • Avoid touching, picking or scratching your skin

  • Avoid increased sweating & rubbing gym exercize towels on your face

  • Hair needs to be 1/4" long for waxing

  • Take asprin 30 minutes prior if you are sensitive to waxing

  • More comfortable to bring or wear looser clothes

  • Be free of creams & oils

  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated water

  • Avoid heat, saunas, hot tubs, or marathons for two days after appointment

  • Exfoliation and moisturizing after waxing is recommended to avoid ingrown hairs

  • Arrive at your appointment make-up free

  • Use gentle eye make-up remover or cleaner

  • Avoid exfoliating alpha hydroxy & glycolic acid cleansers - they strip colour!

  • Mascara can be used for more oomph

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